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Wheel Alignment is currently only available at our instore locations in St Helens and Widnes

Are you tyres fading down much quicker than expected? Notice a squealing sound when driving? Is your vehicle pulling to one side? These are all signs of misaligned wheels that will need correction.

Correct wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle's wheel is set to the manufacturers' specification, keeping you on the straight and narrow.

Our mobile technicians are experts in both 2 and 4 wheel alignments, and we'll come to you to ensure your car's wheels are pointing in the right direction. Caster, camber, tow-in, tow out & ride heights will be checked against the manufacturers' specifications to ensure your vehicle travels in a straight line.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment (or tracking) is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. It refers to the direction and angle that your tyres are pointing. Hitting kerbs or driving fast over potholes can result in misalignment.

Poorly aligned tyres can affect grip and decrease the life of your tyres, so it's imperative to check your wheels regularly. Our technicians will reposition each tyre on the vehicle to make sure they are all set according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. At Tyre Hub we offer a wide range of wheel alignment services covering St Helens, Widnes and surrounding areas.

Below are some of the signs that may indicate your wheels are misaligned:

  • Your vehicle is pulling to one side.
  • Rapid or uneven tyre wear.
  • When driving in a straight line, your steering wheel isn't straight.
  • Your tyres squeal.

If you see any of these symptoms, it is essential to get this checked out. Our mobile technicians are equipped with equipment that allows them to take precise measurements of the wheel angles. We can then set them to their exact position, eliminating the symptoms connected with misaligned wheels.

Vehicle having its wheels aligned - Mobile Wheel Alignment

Benefits Of Correct Wheel Alignment

  • Increase the tyres life - Correct wheel alignment can add miles to your tyres.
  • Saving yourself money - The longer the tyre lasts, the less you have to spend!
  • Better fuel economy - Accurate wheel alignment reduces drag and rolling resistance, lowering your fuel use.
  • Improved handling - 4 Wheel Alignment improves handling and prevents problems such as pulling.

At Tyre Hub we operate on fully computerised wheel alignment systems that cover all aspects of adjustments on modern vehicles. This system includes cars and light commercial vehicles, as well as 4x4s and performance vehicles.

The Supertracker system provides a before and after printout. It has fantastic accuracy, thanks to using the vehicle manufacturer's factory settings to make any required adjustments.

For more information about our mobile wheel alignment services, contact Tyre Hub covering Southport and surrounding areas on 0345 017 9770 or complete our Contact form.

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